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Saturday, July 24th, 2010

cookies side by sideBacon cookies 

Bacon cookies
Jess was very excited to make these Chocolate chip bacon cookies.  And decided to also make some vegan cookies that are/were gluten free and not sweeten with white sugar for special diets.

Vegan gluten free no white sugar cookies

And as one would guess the Bacon cookies were more tasty than the vegan cookies.

Nightshade and the vegan cookies

Nightshade and the vegan cookies

Both types of cookies were made at the same time, in the evening after dinner.  and when the morning came, there were only vegan cookies left…mmmm…vegan cookies for breakfast….

Pallet Chalet

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

New Structure at Acorn! Built be one of our full members, Jon. He built this structure in two days, using resources laying around the farm, so at a very minimum cost. The Pallet Chalet, as it is called, is movable via tractor. Cool, huh?  It also features a big door that opens to be a canopy area. It’s so awesome and just in time to provide shelter from the elements since we are getting pretty full at acorn these days. Hope to someday live in a structure very similar to this one, although I do have plans to build a dome structure one of these days.


Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Someday there will be blueberry bushes at acorn, but until that day we have to find a different source for our blueberry needs.  Fortunately for us there is a pick-your-own-blueberry farm that is few miles from us, it’s on blueberry lane.  We have had several group trips to this magical place of blueberry plundering and gathering.  The blueberries are sold by the quart and I believe collectively we gathered 85 quarts of blueberries.  Many were bagged, sealed, and frozen for the winter…others were processed into blueberry jam…and many were eaten raw or in muffins….oh and some lucky blueberries were dried for winter too…

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