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Rabbit Housing

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

We are building shelter for the new meat rabbit herd.  The bunnies have been here a few weeks, and soon it will be too cold for their current charming & rustic tarp-based home.  Raising rabbits at Acorn is one part of making the farm more self sufficient.

This shed is made mostly from materials we found on the farm.  First we poured concrete left over from another project into rusted out buckets and used tires, embedding bent pieces of rebar in each one.  Then we cut rounds of black walnut branches (thanks craigslist), to make a level surface between the piers and provide a rot resistant layer of wood at the bottom.  The shelter is across the way from organic garden space, so pressure treated wood isn’t an option.  I would rather not use it anywhere.  The frame is made with timber from the tinnery, a small old structure we took down earlier this year, and the roof  is 5v panels from the same building, and just a little bit rusty.  New roof paint is one thing we will get through the global market.  In these pictures we’re building the south wall from two different kinds of thrown-away wood, shipping pallets and slab cuts from a saw mill.

Check back for more updates, including uses for rabbit manure.

Acorn has a baby

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Finley arrived four days early on 11/30/11 and has been busy meeting everyone in the community.
He was born in the yellow living room of the Farmhouse and I had a wonderful home birth experience.
Having children in our community will be an adventure and we are fortunate because we have so much support. His godmothers Ginger and Jacqueline give him so much attention and most members of the community are eager to help with childcare. Finley is privileged to live at Acorn, where he will be raised by a village. We are expecting more children to arrive in the next 1-2 years.

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