Heirloom tomatoes…are ripening everywhere, and acorn is rich in them. Our tomatoes are used for seeds, eating, processing, snacking on, etc….and some of the lucky hand selected tomatoes are even fortunate to get their photographs taken by Airy.

Photo by: Airy

3 Replies to “Tomato”

  1. Great Picture Arie!!

    I love totmato season,, although I think we are a little behind you in the growing season, we haven’t hit our bounty peak yet.

  2. Hello…when will your heirloom tomatoe seed be ready for sale? And where/how do I go about buying some? Will you let me know when they are ready? Franklin

  3. Franklin — seeds from the new tomato crops won’t be ready for sale until November/December. (The seeds need to dry out for a month, sit for a little while longer to break dormancy, and then get germination tests done on them.) Most of our tomato varieties are already available on SESE’s website, but there’s a few that we’re sold out of right now that won’t be available until the new crops are ready!

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