The Mission of Acorn Community

Acorn Community is a rural community of people living on the same plot of land and managing business together. We will first and foremost prioritize the survival of the group. We will share our land, labor, income, and other resources equally or according to need.

The members of Acorn Community will strive to live our lives in a way that supports the basic human rights of people here and in the rest of the world. We will attempt to keep our members safe from violence and threats, and we will permit no violence on our land.

The members of Acorn Community will attempt to live in a way that is gentle on the environment, attempting to show an example of how this can practically be done. We will attempt to manifest this both with our business and our lifestyles.

Acorn Community will attempt to support its members’ individual needs whenever possible. Beyond this, we will distribute resources we have available for our members equally. We will strive to also make life for the members a comfortable, fun, happy one. We would like for our members to thrive both at Acorn and independent from Acorn.

Acorn Community will attempt to maintain a positive relationship with the greater community. We will help our friends and neighbors when it’s possible, as we know they will do the same for us.

Acorn Community will attempt to keep our society rules and habits flexible. We will try not to pre-plan for every eventuality, but instead to deal with situations as we feel the necessity.


To find out more about Acorn’s purpose, read our values statement.  Our values clarify what we work for and how we work together.

For details about how our community functions, check out our meetings and decision-making process, and information about our culture and recreation.  To find out how we accept new members, see our membership process.


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Clearness Process
History of Acorn