We work hard at Acorn, but also know how to relax! There is a diverse social culture here at Acorn– we welcome the occasional party-goer as well as the introvert.

We spend our leisure time hanging out with each other, making and listening to music, creating art, reading, baking, playing with children, checking our e-mail, and spending time with each other and with our friends outside of the community. We don’t have cable television, but we do have a projector on which we occasionally watch films from our shared Netflix account.

In nice weather we find ourselves taking walks, picking flowers, and sitting in the herb garden. We are a five minute walk from the clean, refreshing Anna River, and daily swims in hot weather are the norm! We enjoy bonfires, and soaking in our hot tub is especially popular in cooler months. Some of us like to play card, board, or video games. Other activities we enjoy together include yoga, wrestling, jiu jitsu, volleyball, croquet, walks with cow, music jams, and dancing.

We enjoy a friendly relationship with Twin Oaks, a community with about 100 members seven miles down the road. We gather with them occasionally for bonfires, work dates, dinners, parties, dances, and just hanging out.

The cities of Charlottesville and Richmond are about 45 and 50 minutes away, respectively. Both are college towns with a lot to offer in the way of city life, entertainment, shopping, and activism.