cookies side by sideBacon cookies 

Bacon cookies
Jess was very excited to make these Chocolate chip bacon cookies.  And decided to also make some vegan cookies that are/were gluten free and not sweeten with white sugar for special diets.

Vegan gluten free no white sugar cookies

And as one would guess the Bacon cookies were more tasty than the vegan cookies.

Nightshade and the vegan cookies
Nightshade and the vegan cookies

Both types of cookies were made at the same time, in the evening after dinner.  and when the morning came, there were only vegan cookies left…mmmm…vegan cookies for breakfast….


  1. for my next trick: making everything-free cookies that disappear (almost) as fast as everything cookies. this will be tricky, as everything is better with (candied) bacon…

  2. Is this a joke? I thought Acorn was (mostly) vegan. You didn’t really make cookies with bits of the flesh of former living, breathing mammal with feelings and emotions as much as your pet dog, did you? Pig this time, dog next time? Next it’ll be ok to kill primates too?

    Very sad, even if a ‘joke’, sadder still if the mostly vegan “non-violent” ICs are now seeing this as ‘perfectly ok’. Of course it’s no surprise if progressive who see themselves as and call themselves “non-violent” participate in killing like this, without seeing any contradictions. After all, the Founding Fathers owned slaves and also said “all men are created equal” and did not see any contradiction, what so ever, homo sapiens is very good at not seeing things that are too uncomfortable to see…A very sad state of things..

  3. Edpeak: as one of Acorn’s very few remaining vegans I can only agree.

    Generally: it should also be noted that said cookies were not only vegan but also wheat and white sugar free two fairly classic cookie ingredients. Surely a challenge for any baker to work with.

  4. me, personally, i have more of a problem with contributing to deforestation to grow oil palms for fuel and food (see: earth balance) than eating local meat, but hey…whatever does it for ya. butcher a pig in virginia or roast a primate in brazil when you slash-and-burn its home? choices, choices…

    i do what i can, fallible, bacon-loving, baking-obsessed human that i am. 🙂 i will admit to occasionally being driven a little nutty by folks’ diet requests when i’m baking for myself (hence the above cookies), but mostly i work with it. i actually really enjoy vegan baking. it’s a fun challenge to make vegan treats that i actually like, since i’m pretty picking about my baking. sometimes it just works out better than other times.

    in the end, i live in community, so i gotta cook around everyone’s diets when cooking for the community. that means that even though i personally enjoy white sugar, meat, gluten, fat, chocolate, nightshades, onions, garlic, salt, cilantro, hot peppers, dairy, eggs, soy sauce and occasionally peanut butter, i have to be aware that other’s have different opinions about what makes for good/healthy/tasty food. in turn, i appreciate it when folks don’t put tofu in everything. cooperation in action, eh? 🙂

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