Celebrating 25 Years in Community

Celebrating 25 Years in Community

It seems like people are always coming and going in community.  It’s not very often that somebody sticks around for a quarter of a century.  So, when someone does it is cause for celebration!  The cause for celebration gets kicked up another notch or two when that person is River.  Friends, neighbors, and communards came out in droves for the dance party at Acorn for River’s 25th commune- a- versary.

Which got me thinking…

25- years in community

2 Different communities

54600 labor credits

1300 Sunday brunches

endless process

and one awesome co!


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  1. You guys are awesome. I came upon this site and wish someday to do something like this. Keep up the fun and interesting blog!
    Beth from AK.

  2. u should name the boy rowan

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