Garden Highlights
Enormous Collard Trials

Garden Highlights

I am dumbstruck by the size of these Imperial Star artichoke plants! We’re growing them as annuals – these were started very early this spring in the greenhouse, then transplanted out under row cover. Along with cotton, it’s one of the few things that’s been under row cover this spring.
Andy transplanted out these Purple Hyacinth Beans today. They’re an eighteenth century heirloom flower grown by Thomas Jefferson himself, and they can grow 10-20 feet tall.
Our Hanover Kale is beautifully in flower! One of the joys of growing things for seed is getting to enjoy the flowers.
Enormous Collard Trials
The collards are enormous! With our spring spinach not yet bolted, we’re overwhelmed by fresh greens. Tonight we ate sauteed Bull’s Blood beet greens with dinner.
No-Till Transplanted Doe Hill Golden Pepper Plants
River’s been busy getting out the peppers and eggplants. These Doe Hill Golden Bell Peppers have been transplanted into an area that was cover-cropped in rye and vetch over the winter, mown, but not tilled.

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  1. It looks beautiful!

  2. Nice garden…I wish I could get an early start with my garden here in southern Maine. Then again with global warmin’ just around the bend maybe I can in a few years…:-) Franklin

  3. mmmmm….greens

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