High Tunnel

High Tunnel

New High Tunnel at acorn. Just finished the roll up sides. We had some problems with these sides blowing in the wind and tearing through straps, which are intended to hold them down.  This time we used some old drip tape, attached by washers and screws. We will see how it holds up to the high winds. Now we have to figure out why the roll up sides collect water…when rolled up, with the roll being on the inside of the tunnel. Now on to finishing the removable east and west sides. More information to come.

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  1. perhaps the water is condensation collecting on the under-side of the tunnel and running down

  2. When are you guys gonna get new posts up? Good job so far! Looking forward to seeing new stuff! 😀 Good luck Acorn! <3

  3. hard to imagine a big plastic greenhouse in that bit of garden!

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