It’s officially busy season

I am not the only one who’s excited. GPaul is too.

It’s finally winter!!!!  And as prove of it,  there is a light dusting of snow covering the gardens left from the last snowstorm.  I have been looking forward to winter for a good long time.  Temperatures have dropped from triple digits to the occasional single digit, which is cause enough to merrily sing the glories of winter. But, I have also been looking forward to the legendary busy season.

Ashley, chipper as always, picking orders at 5:00am Saturday morning.

I have been hearing the tales post late night customer order assembling (picking) marathons, and pleas on the message board to help ship orders.  As a new member who arrived for a visitor period just after Land Day picking is something you do for about a half an hour to an hour after breakfast.   And shipping is something that just magically happened — not something I learned.  But, the whole enchilada is different during busy season, so the legend goes.

Sabrina and Debbie are shipping on behalf of a nearby forming community- Living Energy Farm.

So between my arrival and now everything has been about getting ready for busy season.  We had to get the new database operational before it was busy season.  If there were any problems during busy season it would be a catastrophe.  We finished the new online web-store ( the blog ( and the wholesale site ( all successfully before the start of busy season.

Jacqueline packing method- concentrate on   consistent weights while occasionally bursting out in song.

A couple of days ago Ken announced, “Busy season is officially here” after looking at the stack of orders waiting to get picked.  My heart fluttered, oh boy it’s here.

That explains the extra long list of varieties whose seeds need to get packed.  Each and every seed packet is measured and packed by hand so there are countless opportunities to find your Zen happy place. Ommm- scoop, weigh, pour, seal Ommmm and repeat 125 times.

Well, I just thought I’d spread some winter cheer.

It’s almost 1:00am and I am off to the relatively quiet office to do some shipping, don’t want to get behind….It’s busy season after all.

have a happy winter everyone

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  1. Been following Acorn for years, and I remember your ‘busy season’ last year brought much revenue to the community. Wishes for same this year. Namaste.

  2. It’s always a pleasure to read a cheery note from Acorn. My best wishes to all of you. Will

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