moving into autumn

autumn has settled in at acorn, and i’ve just moved back in after almost an entire year away. my name’s joan – and i’ll be doing my best to give you some beautiful pictures and exciting stories to check out here at acorn’s web site.

if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover about life at acorn, feel free to comment!

in the meantime, here’s a recent picture – our watermelon harvest. a resident dog, moonbeam, guards them from squirrels during the day (by which i mean he lays around out front, where the watermelons happen to be, and also likes to chase squirrels).

i’m also working on making this site look a bit more snazzy – adding photos, more and newer information, and (as you may have noticed) nice, crisp, and seasonally themed photos to the top of the site. i hope you enjoy those! i had a lot of fun picking them out. it’s a treat to have photographers come through as visitors or interns and take nice photographs for us.

here’s another nice one – a rose growing along the northern edge of the herb garden, which is surprisingly free of weeds right now, thanks to lots of helping hands throughout spring and summer.

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  1. Thanks for updating 🙂
    It’s fun to read about acorn; i’ll join someday.
    Also, the rose is amazing…

  2. it is a very missable place 🙂 i’ve left and come back several times, and every time i fall in love all over again.

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