Old Fashioned Mondays

my pile of tasks for the evening
my pile of tasks for the evening

this past monday we gathered in heartwood for yet another ‘old-fashioned night’. usually it means crafty things – mending clothing, knitting, or crochet. this monday had all three and more. i was joined by several lovely acorn ladies and a few gents while we created headbands, baby wipes, hats, and tooth powder (i was running out). the guys in the room helped by playing old-fashioned music and reading books on the elizabethan era. one guy said he enjoyed just sitting and watching us all at work. it was a cozy evening.

today we went on a craft store run to charlottesville. we got various knitting needles and crochet hooks so more of us can do projects at the same time, and hit the goodwill for sweaters to unravel for yarn. i think it’s safe to say good times were had by all, though we were very happy to get home just in time for dinner. we had enough of the city for one day.

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  1. This sounds like such a great time. I am doing some major weeding of stuff and going through the last of my weaving studio supplies left from when I closed down my studio. Boxes of yarn that are going begging for a new home. I am just racking my brain as to how to get some of it to Acorn but plan to bring a suitcase full when I come to visit in February, if you think it would be useful. I am so looking forward to meeting all of you. Cozy shared activity…a good thing…simple pleasures.

    In Friendship…Kate

  2. hi kate,

    we would Definitely appreciate welcoming your yarn into a new home. we have a lot of women here who would use it with love and care =)

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