Pallet Chalet

Pallet Chalet

New Structure at Acorn! Built be one of our full members, Jon. He built this structure in two days, using resources laying around the farm, so at a very minimum cost. The Pallet Chalet, as it is called, is movable via tractor. Cool, huh?  It also features a big door that opens to be a canopy area. It’s so awesome and just in time to provide shelter from the elements since we are getting pretty full at acorn these days. Hope to someday live in a structure very similar to this one, although I do have plans to build a dome structure one of these days.

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  1. You go, Acorns! Into my 4th year of keeping track of y’all and other i.c.’s (while tending permaculture here on a tiny tiny place), I love to watch the way you sustain! Also: if you don’t already have it, strongly recommend the 2008 book “Lost Crafts” by Una McGovern…what isn’t thoroughly described has url’s, and even though the discourse relates to the UK, the content is for EVERYONE going back to the land. 🙂 PEACE AND ALL GOOD, Devon

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