Propaganda, Ho!

ken, with flowers
ken, with flowers

In the last year, a strong membership group has coalesced at Acorn in a way it hasn’t been able to boast since its founding. The current membership of fifteen has over a hundred-fifty years of community experience, gathering together former members of Twin OaksEast Wind, the Catholic Worker, Dandelion, and Ganas. Many of us knew each other long before joining Acorn. We are excited by the expanding possibilities of a groovy seed business, our proximity to the increasing critical mass of the central Virginia communities movement, to the beautiful land, to our extended network of friends who live nearby, and to our previously existing strong personal bonds.

For Acorn, this has meant a new sense of stability and progress. New projects are more possible than ever and heighten our sense of energy and accomplishment (and sometimes, the feeling of being over-whelmed)- the Heritage Harvest Festival; building new buildings; expanding into medicinal and culinary herbs with the purchase of another small seed company, Garden Medicinals; working with new growers; incorporating our lovely and steadfast friends at Twin Oaks into our business; creating a fun, new culture on our farm; and deepening ties to Woodfolk House, Diamond Grove, Twin Oaks, and the Urban Evolution project.

Where is it all heading? How long will it last? What problems loom? And what fresh excitements?

Well, for one thing, we now have a blog. So, if you don’t want to come and see first hand, you can read about the Acorn experience here. And, if you do want to witness the what-not of what’s happening- please check out our visiting page.

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