Spring is Almost Here

Spring is Almost Here

The first signs of spring are upon us.  Daffodil flowers are blooming, warmer weather has come, and we are very excited to have our first set of ducks.  Cute ducklings, that will follow folks around.  These ducks will live at our newly restored pond, and acorn will enjoy their services.  Our population of animals is ever increasing: 10 ducks, 2 goats, 20 hens, 2 roosters, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 1 guinea pig.  I hope to see meat rabbits in the future of acorn.  There is also talk of dairy goats, a Nubian breed. Photos by Cora.

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  1. sounds great…soo wish I could be there….Kate

  2. LOVE all your updates, keep em coming. I hope to visit one day soon <3 Peace

  3. holy crap. a picture with baby ducks AND daffodils? i didn’t think the world could handle any more cute. thank you. also, that is so awesome that they follow folks around. how is odin handling them?

  4. The baby ducks are SO cute!

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