Spring Sowing

Normally, right around late January/Early February I get a notion that I should probably go out and disk the spring garden and get that soil all prepped up in time to plant some early peas and spinach. This year however, between chronic rains and snow on the ground for 3 weeks things got a bit behind!

I like to put the peas and early spinach in around February 15th but it wasn’t until March 9th this year that we could get our direct sowing done! This is not to say I didn’t try though. Owen and I were out there in the end of February spreading wood ash on the spring garden plot to get it to melt early. (Which worked, but it dried out at about the same rate as anything else.)

So as it was, over 3 days we did all our disking, bed prep, and sowing for all our direct sowed crops this spring and it feels great. We’re forecasted for rain and lots of it, and now I can just sit back and relax and let our seeds germinate. Here’s the early spring garden photos to get y’all excited for the growing season!

Elephant Garlic

Elephant Garlic

Replanting Carrots to Grow for Seed


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  1. looks great! i envy you the fertile soil. i’m about to buy some flats and seed lettuce to keep in a sunny window, and then eventually out to the balcony. thanks for taking pictures of people in the garden!

  2. You are way ahead of us here in southern Maine…it was/has been an odd winter…not much snow and not overly cold.

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