Steel Building Fire Update

Thanks to everyone for their kind words, sympathy, and offers of support.  We’re generating a list of things we’re replacing that will be up next week.  If you’d like, check the list to see if there’s anything on there you’d like to help with, and give Paxus an email to coordinate the donation:

If you’d like to make a monetary donation, we would like to encourage you to donate to the Louisa Volunteer Fire Department, as they brought a huge crew and several trucks out to contain the fire.

As storage is very limited right now, it may take us some time to be able to accept much stuff.

Thank-you again for thinking of us.

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  1. Namaste Acorns,
    Touched by your positive expressions during rebound. Pleased to see you’ll post a ‘list’ as we’ll be doing major stuff in outbuilding and might have some of what you need…so post as much as you can think of.
    Peace and Good Will, Devon

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