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Goodbye Old Friend

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Dear Falling Down Shed,

We will miss you, friend. You’ve done so much in your long life, and we will always remember you fondly.  Like that one time you used to live near the road and they had to drag you all the way up to your new home, some 50 years ago?  You used to go by the name of Farrier’s Shed at that time.  Horses and humans alike stayed dry because of you!

Oh, and remember those times after horses went out of fashion, and you started falling down?  Over ten years ago now I think?  You used to hold rugs and mattresses for us till it was time for our next party out in the fields…How kind of you to make sure that we had a safe space to store those things.

You’ve been falling down for so long that it’s seemed no longer fair to watch you suffer, slowly dangling yourself into the bushes, leaning over just a little more every year.  But, alas, it seemed like the right time.  We know that you will find the light, and will continue to warm our hearts and hands in the weeks to come.

On behalf of everyone who has ever witnessed your beauty and dryness, I think it’s safe to say that we will all loved you.  And we will always miss you.

Your friends,

Acorn Community

ah, the snow

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009


i almost forgot! i meant to share a picture of our first snow. it was a lovely day – bad for driving, but great for staying in and sipping hot cocoa. i walked around late the next day to catch a few pictures. it was cold enough that even two days later patches of snow still lingered in the most shaded areas.

snowy garden shed

i grew up in rural pennsylvania, and really appreciate a good snowfall. i spent my elementary school years making forts in 5-foot snow drifts and sclupting snow turtles, tromping around in snow clothes knowing that Mom was waiting with hot chocolate when i got home. it’s nice to see snow come back to visit this year… i’ve been living in richmond and alabama for the past ten years, and the snow was… not plentiful, there, to say the least. i’m looking forward to hunkering down at acorn for a snowy winter.

snow on the woodpile

here’s the wood pile outside of heartwood – we’re in the midst of a huge re-siding project, and this is the pile waiting to be de-nailed. needless to say, no de-nailing happened that day.

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