Are you excited about Acorn? Tours and short visits are available if there are members who are willing to give them. Because we are very busy this is often not the case. We are more open to people coming here for working visits from one to six months, and people who are potentially interested in membership. Below are directions on how to contact us if this sounds like something that interests you.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and send it to Respond to the questions in a few sentences; do not feel pressured to write 20 pages. We may ask you for more in depth responses after we receive your completed questionnaire via email or phone. Currently we are not accepting new families with children for membership. We check our visitor emails weekly, however, we receive many emails and our visitor team is in flux. Please be patient with us.

Visitor Questionnaire





Do you have children? Do you expect them to come with you?

Do you have pets? Do you expect them to come with you?

Are there any particular needs that we should know about? Disabilities? Health conditions? Allergies? Dietary needs/preferences?

Do you have needs around living spaces, like being close to a bathroom?

Are you comfortable living in dormitory space/shared rooms?

How long would you like to visit for?

What is your exit plan? If you are asked to leave early would you be able to do that on short notice?

Who is your emergency contact?

Why are you interested in Acorn Community?

Do you have community experience?

Have you ever been to Acorn before? If yes, how did it go?

What’s something that you’ve created, taken care of, or been responsible for?

Would you like to share some skills that might be applicable to your visit? I.e: cooking, gardening, construction, customer service etc.

Would you care to share some of your passions and interests?

With so much going on at Acorn, sometimes, it can be hard to plug in. Are you a self starter? Or do you prefer to be given tasks?

What is your personal approach or style in regard to communication, conflict, and sharing self- reflectivity?

Please feel free to write anything else about yourself.

Below we have posted information about several small communities that you may be interested in — affiliated and unaffiliated, near and far.

Mimosa Community is a small piece of land that Acorn bought back in 2014 and has been inhabited by three different community groups during this time.  This third group is currently Edmund, Gryphon, and Gryphon’s 12-year old daughter Sappho, and they need help managing their seed farm during the 2018 growing season.  They grow seeds for Southern Exposure Seed Exchange at Acorn, as well as other seed companies and they are co-owners of Commonwealth Seed Growers, a bulk specialty seed company.  Their farm, half a mile from their house, is on Lawson Land, a piece of land owned by Twin Oaks Community.  If you’re interested in farming and learning about seed breeding in a community context, contact (former Twin Oaker) Edmund at

Woodfolk Home in Charlottesville, VA is a mix of cultural activists, artists, musicians and dancers. There are 7 of us now, 6 adults and one kid, with ages ranging from 57 to 11. We are working to hold space for a creative and harmonious home and cultural oasis. The vibe is wholesome, peaceful and kid friendly. We have a weekly community dinner, sing together once a week, garden and make house decisions together. Rent is ranged from $340 to $390 (including internet and utilities). We seek to build healthy conflict resolution skills by meeting regularly and getting away from blame and punishment. We opt instead to figure out what is happening, what is needed and what is wanted. We consider this to be crucial to creating an environment that is supportive for everyone. For more information, email Craig Greene at

Donald’s View is a 126-acre property in Eagle Rock, Virginia that is searching for founding members that can mesh with Michael and Beth in their developing vision of what Donald’s View could become.  If you are interested in learning more about Donald’s View or in thinking more about it with us, you can contact Beth at or (304) 410-2612.

Earth’s Turn Community is a forming, agrarian intentional community on 20+ beautiful acres in Mebane, NC.  The four current founding members are hoping to grow to 10-15 households on the land, and are open to (but not pushing for) income-sharing in the future.  For now, they are open to people who want to buy into the project or who want to come by and help.  They would be open to short-term visitors, and are also specifically looking for employees who can do long-term work with young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, starting in May.  For more information, contact Tami Watson, or call 314-604-5736

The Medicine Wheel Collective at Earthaven Ecovillage of Black Mountain, NC, is looking for work exchangers, renters, and exploring members. As a resident here, you will join us in our daily lives, participating in work projects and helping to prepare meals. We’re open to members of all ages and orientations, but no pets. So, get in touch, and we’ll see if there’s a fit. 828-669-0027 or

Wild Spirit Farm is a community 5 years in the making on 18 acres of land 15 minutes west of Asheville, NC with hundreds of fruit, nut and beneficial trees planted and over an acre of perennial gardens! Our community is small and we are dreaming big. Our current plans include: buying our land outright, designing our land as a community sanctuary, and creating a life ways school/demonstration site and bee sanctuary. We are currently open to day visits and short term camping from folks who are interested in growing and building in an earth-sustaining way to revitalize the indigenous soul within us all. We also love hosting workshops! If you have a skill in the fields of permaculture, natural building, instrument making, ceremonial life ways, song circles, community facilitation techniques, etc… let us know! Email Faith Kimball or Ruff Magruff at for more information about coming for a visit, planning a workshop, or becoming a partner investor.

Wildroots Earthskills Community is a 30-acre primitive homestead in rural Western North Carolina.  Our focus is on experiential learning and living, while practicing, developing and sharing primitive skills for rewilding and reconnection.  At Wildroots, we live without electricity (solar or otherwise — but we have headlamps, a telephone and a truck) or plumbing. We carry our water in jugs, use a crosscut saw to get our wood, and practice “earthskills”, or earth-based lifeways as much as possible.  Contact at (yes, 3 o’s).

The Garden, located at 8967 Galen Rd in Lafayette, TN, is a 21 and a half acre plot of consensus run, leaderless land dubbed “Shut Up and Grow It!” after the rainbow kitchen, Shut Up and Eat It.  Everyone is welcome as long as they’re welcoming. Don’t ask us if you can come; it’s your land, too. Just show up.

Solidarity Farm is an intentional community forming at a former Catskills retreat in Kerhonkson, NY.  The initial group moved there on March 1st, 2018, and will spend this season renovating the existing buildings and building a farm based on permaculture and regenerative agriculture that provides bulk CSA farm shares to other community houses and co-ops.  The “anchor customer” of the CSA will be Ganas in Staten Island, with 70 members.  There’s lots of work! Short-term visitors are encouraged, especially those with a commitment to democratic worker cooperatives and intentional community who may want to become long-term.  For more information, email

Red Earth Farms is a land trust in Rutledge, MO, right next to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.  Half a dozen families and small groups live on individual homesteads.  Some of those homesteads are looking for work help and potential members.  If you’re interested in working with your hands and the land while learning the ways of way-off-the-grid living, contact them:

The Common Unity Project is a 160 acre, off-grid, egalitarian intentional community located amongst the majestic mountains and rivers on Gitxsan Territory in Hazelton, BC.  They’re looking for work traders, especially from June 15th – July 26th for their organized 2018 Summer Volunteer Camp, especially from people who want to build an earthship.  Or garden.  Or cook.  Etc.  Fill out the visitation form on their website and send it to