December, 2018:  We are opened for Tours


Tours exist for us to interact with a variety of people from outside the community. We welcome neighbors and other interested locals, students of sustainability and community-building, people on cross-country community and farm tours (especially our favorite, long-distance bicyclists), and those who just want to get a taste of life in community.

We do not have an organized tour time or structure. If you write to us asking for a tour at a particular time, we will ask a half-dozen members if they want to give a tour at that time. There is a suggested donation of $5, which goes to the community to subsidize the time spent on tours. Another good way to contribute is to offer to do some simple community labor (garden work, weighing seeds into small packets, washing dishes) during your time here.

Keep in mind that Acorn is our home and treat it with respect. It can be difficult to have strangers here consistently, and sometimes we will want to defer tours to later in the year.


Do you want to visit Acorn for a tour?

Please write an e-mail to telling us about yourself and why you want to come and visit us.

Let us know what you’re interested in seeing while you’re here (our collectively owned seed business, the gardens where we grow seed and food, our land and livestock, the layout of our community and daily life, natural building styles, meetings and consensus-based decision-making), so that we can try to match you with a tour guide excited and knowledgeable about the things you are interested in.

Tell us how you heard about Acorn. We’re always interested in how people find us.  If you heard about us from a former member, visitor, or intern, let us know who they were.

Please include your phone number so we can call for scheduling.  Let us know when you want to visit but also how flexible your schedule might be.

Be sure to mention if you want to bring any children or pets, or if you have any medical condition, mobility concerns, or dangerous allergies we need to know about.

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