Work Exchange

Work exchangers are great to have on the farm.  We advertise on websites such as WWOOF and helpx because of the experience of having amazing people show up and help us with projects.

We welcome work exchangers from anywhere from two days to three weeks.  After three weeks, you would need to apply for an internship to stay longer.  Or, if you love Acorn and want to stay, you could apply for membership.  A work-exchange is a great way to get to know us.

We are flexible about scheduling, but a member must volunteer to orient you when you arrive, so work with us on timing your arrival.

Acorn Community is currently at population capacity, which means that there is a member living in every real bedroom on the farm.  We have a treehouse village with tent platforms where most of our visitors camp out.  We have tents and camping equipment available for people to check out while they are here.  Some visitors share space in a well-insulated, one-room bunkhouse.  Over the winter and for people with special needs, we may be able to house you in the bedroom of a member on vacation, depending on the timing of your visit.

Even if you are camping, all people at Acorn have access at any time to showers, electricity, computers, food, kitchens, laundry, and any other public spaces.

If you want to schedule a work exchange, send us a letter of introduction and completed questionnaire at


Letter of introduction.  Please address the following points in your letter, but also feel free to add anything else you wish.

* Past:  What jobs, education, volunteering, or other interesting activities have you done?  What are any special skills or knowledge you’ve gathered?

* Present:  What are you doing now?  What do you feel strongly about?  Tell us your personal philosophy.

* Future:  Tell us what you want.  What are your plans for the future?  What would you like to learn and do?

* Community:  If you heard about Acorn from a person or website, let us know who & where.   What about Acorn caught your attention or appeals to you?  Have you had experience living in community before?

* What is the most important thing for Acornistas to know about you?


Questionnaire.  Please copy into your e-mail and answer each question.

1.  Name:
2.  Age:
3.  Gender:
4.  Phone number (or best way to reach you):
5.  Current address:

6.  Do you have any physical ailments or limitations (e.g. back problems) which would prevent you from doing certain kinds of work?

7.  How do you feel about camping in a tent?  Sharing a bunkhouse with other visitors?

8.  Do you have any children? If you plan to bring children with you, please tell us about them.

9.  Do you have any pets? If you want to bring pets with you, please tell us about them.

10.  Do you have any dietary preferences or allergies?

11.  Are you on any medications?

12.  Do you smoke tobacco?

13.  When do you want to visit, and for how long?

14. Acorn requires that all visitors explain what they are going to do when they leave Acorn; or if they are asked to leave Acorn.  Please describe a plan that includes each of the following:

(i) where you are going to go when you leave Acorn;
(ii) that you are OK with going there; and
(iii) that you have enough money to get there.

15. Please list emergency contact information in the form of the address and phone number of a relative or friend whom we could contact in case of an emergency during your visit.