Three-part workshop in natural building, experience community, and workshops on community life
August 26 – Sept 5
Louisa County, Virginia

Part I:  Build a natural sauna out of cob and pallets with a reciprocal roof (August 26 – 28th)
Part II:  Tour and help out at different communities in Louisa county (August 29th – Sept 1st)
Part III:  Twin Oaks Communities Conference (Sept 2nd – Sept 5th)


Communities of Louisa County

Twin Oaks was established in 1967 and has become the largest commune in the United States, with about 100 members.  Acorn, seven miles away, was established in 1993 by former Oakers and others invigorated by Twin Oaks’ annual Communities Conference.  The Communities Conference has been a method for members of all kinds of intentional communities — communes, ecovillages, co-housing — to meet each other and discuss our common struggles.

Living Energy Farm was created in 2010 to be a fossil-fuel free example of community living in the post-petroleum world.  In 2013, five members left Acorn to establish Sapling, mid-way between Acorn and Twin Oaks.  Cambia was established only last year, but has gotten off to a solid start as an egalitarian, cooperative community group.


Register by June 1:  $225
Register by August 1:  $275
Late registration:  $325